My own Private Miyauzu 2007
A happy new century!! Now we are just waiting for cherry blossom with drinking a large amount of sake! (Azuma no Fumodo).

    Only this page is described in English about my birth place Miyauzu town, others are in Japanese. This town has a very old and famous shrine named Kumano-Taisha. Taisha means big and great shrine.
    My grandfather was a chief of sacred dancer in this Taisha. The dance is called Kagura. I grew on the foot of Kumano-Taisha and drunk amount of sake (the brand of sake is Azuma no Fumodo).
    I will introduce you into my own private world Miyauzu.

You're very fortunate visitor number (wo)men to drop into this doubtful hole.

Hahaha! You will see sunflowers in full bloom. -----> Beautiful!!!?new.gif

That's all. Thank you. Good bye.

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